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Raising the spirits with crops & flowers aplenty

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

In a year so unlike any other, and thanks to the tremendous hard work of those who have maintained everything so well throughout the lockdown, The Garden Gate Project has gladly begun to welcome back volunteers and visitors as we all adjust to the precautions of the new normal. For those who’ve been away since late spring, the intervening period of growth has transformed the garden. Suddenly, the height of summer is upon us, and we are afforded a special pleasure as the year’s efforts reach their floral crescendo and we reap the bounty of all the crops we've grown.

The vegetable beds in particular are looking splendid. They're brimming with multi-coloured carrots and potatoes ready to lift; green and yellow courgettes waiting to be plucked; red and white onions, and elephant garlic soon to be ripened in the sun; and sweet corn tassels, browning to signify the perfect moment for harvesting their cobs. Not forgetting the refreshing lettuces, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes reddening on the vine, in our polytunnels.

This year we've dotted our cutting flowers in pockets throughout the garden, and have been rewarded early on with clouds of pink and white sweet rocket, and latterly with wigwams of gloriously scented sweet peas, vividly colourful antirrhinums, vibrantly ringed zinnias and plenty of hastily budding up dahlias that are mostly still to come. Our large yellow sunflowers have been really effective, scattered amongst the mass of orange daylilies in our herbaceous beds, and providing a bee-enticing lift to the whole effect beside the towering blue spires of the echiums. Whilst back under cover, it’s a bumper year for the begonias, resplendent in a mass of bright red, pale peach and soft yellow blooms.

At this challenging time, the life and soul of the garden is certainly a most welcome relief.

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